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During your engagement session, it is time to focus on the two of you. We laugh and joke and the time flies by. This time is extremely important so that we can get to know one another. Why?  I don't want to be a stranger on your wedding day. After we spend so much time together during your engagement session, you already know the poses, we know each other's personalities and I can crack little jokes to get you to smile a natural smile. Let's face it, the faster we can get those natural smiles during your wedding day, the faster you can get to the reception.


I love taking capturing images that are unique and mean a lot to you. Some of my favorite images have been taken at the couple's family farm and grandma coming up to me at the wedding in tears raving about how special those pictures are to her and then telling me a story about the location each picture was taken.  I also specialize in sunset pictures. I always tell my couples that this is the artwork that will hang in their living room that guests will ask about. Who wants a picture of a stranger hanging up in their house when you can have a picture of the love of your life in a gorgeous setting?