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From the moment you help your child change into their special pajama's, the excitement of watching your childs dream unfold will start to build. When Santa is ready, Ms. Jen will come out and invite you into Santa's Magical Worskshop. As you step through the door, the anticipation will start to build as Santa says Ho Ho Ho and greets your child. 


Throughout the 40 minute one on one family time with Santa, you will sit and relax as you get to relive the excitement and wonder of a child. Watch your child as they share milk and cookies with Santa, find their name on the nice list, work on a very special project sent straight from the elves at the north pole; and receive a special gift that will turn into a family tradition........among many other things. You will laugh and find your heart starting to swell with joy as you find yourself reliving the magic of Santa all over again. 


The mini session exeprience is up to 15 minutes long and includes up to 3 experiences. This is the perfect amount of time for your child to warm up to Santa if they are a little bit shy. 


As your child is living out their dream and experiences with Santa, Memories by Jen Bailey will be documenting this special time to create the perfect images for you to remember this magical moment. Memories by Jen Bailey has taken great care in selecting the perfect products to display and share this magical moment for generations to come. My favorite product is a personalized album storybook that puts your child straight into their own storybook album and relives their magical day with Santa. Your children will love reading their story again and again and the traditition of reading the story to your children and their children will become a favorite familty tradition that you can share with your family for generations to come. 


After the session is complete, Santa will fly back to the North Pole and Memories by Jen Bailey will get to work on your amazing experience images. Once the images are complete, we will meet and you can choose your favorite images to order for Christmas cards, artwork for your home, prints to share with family, ornaments to hang on your tree, and many more options. There is something for everyone in this magical Santa list. 



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